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Our Story


Hidden Lake
Welcomes You

From the moment of arrival the lake captures your attention, a breathtaking body of water unexpected among Arizona’s dry topography. With lakeside seating perfectly positioned and a stage suspended above the shoreline, you can’t help but be drawn to the water. A good time getaway for friends, families and fishing enthusiasts we provide a diverse array of events; food trucks, a wide variety of drink offerings and entertainment spells out fun for the whole family. The backyard, laid-back, come-as-you-are, vibe makes everyone feel like family. Whether you’re here for a signature event, a gorgeous wedding, a private event, a Sunday Funday, or just to enjoy recreation on the lake, every experience is an invitation to leave your worries behind and enjoy lakeside liveliness. So no matter your reason for being here or where you find yourself along the shoreline.

Life is better at the Lake

As we continue to work on restoring the natural environment around the lake each and everyday, Hidden Lake is becoming increasingly more spectacular and dramatic. As other area lakes, rivers and recreational sites are being adversely impacted by our state’s rapidly increasing population, Hidden Lake works hard to maintain a safe, clean environment for hard-core anglers, nature enthusiasts, and families to enjoy.


Valley residents and outdoor enthusiasts, Richard and Jennifer Mladick, purchased the property in 2016. To the couple’s great dismay, Hidden Lake had become a garbage dump for locals and a prime site for illegal target practice and hunting.  With a desire to begin a new movement, advocate unplugging from technology and reintroduce society to nature and to create a unique place for families to enjoy each other, the parents of four closed the lake property and embarked on a habitat restoration and cleanup effort.


To date, the Mladick family has eliminated more than 200 tons of trash, planted over 250 native trees and blocked potential trespassers and poachers from vandalizing the awe-inspiring land. Today restoration efforts continue around the property but their efforts of re-establishing the environment has already been successful as guests may see various animals and at any given time over 100 species of birds call Hidden Lake home.

In May of 2020 Jennifer lost Richard to an untimely death. She has vowed to continue working towards their goals and dreams as her family fuels her passion for developing Hidden Lake.

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