Race Schedule

Saturday from 10AM - 4PM 
Sunday from 10 AM - 2PM 
Close toed Shoes required in Boat Viewing area

Frequently asked questions

What is APBA Stock Outboard Racing

Stock Outboard Racing in APBA. Picture yourself traveling at 60 MPH, not sitting in your 3,000 lb. Chevy, but crouching mere inches above the water, braced in a 125 lb. wooden boat, the wind whistling by your helmet. Your left hand squeezes the throttle; your right hand is glued to the steering wheel. As the boat skims over the surface, your slightest movement affects your ride over the ever-changing contour of the water. Now picture yourself surrounded by as many as 8 other boats, just inches apart. Rough water jolts you and the other boats' spray drenches you; you wait anxiously for your shot to pass your closest opponent, pushing your mind, will, and body to the limit. That’s Stock Outboard Racing in the APBA.

I want more information on the boats?

Stock Outboard runabouts and hydroplanes are built with lightweight marine plywood and mahogany, carbon fiber or fiberglass. The classes range from the smaller A Class to the bigger, more powerful D Class boats. Each class mandates specific engines that are legal, and there are requirements for propellers, boat design etc. Hydroplanes have a three-point design-only the two front sponsons and the propeller touch the water. Air is trapped underneath, causing the boat to lift and ride on this cushion of air, skimming across the surface of the water. There are virtually no restrictions on design or dimensions. Runabouts slice through the water rather than skim over the surface. Runabouts tend to be a bit slower than hydroplanes and can be more challenging to handle. Turning is an art, and it’s a challenge just to keep the boat level. Runabouts have certain length, width and weight restrictions.

Junior Hydroplanes and Runabouts (40MPH) are open to all kids ages 9. Getting started in J-Class racing does not have to cost a lot; reasonably priced kit boats can be built in a garage, and make for a great family bonding experience. Engines are available from the APBA and J-Class propellers are free from your local club!

AX Hydroplanes, 50 MPH, are for 12-year-olds and up. The AXH class allows young drivers to gain experience to better prepare them for the larger and faster classes. Women tend to be very successful AX Hydro drivers, as their smaller physiques work well with these lightweight hulls.

A Stock Hydro (ASH) is where many racers transition from Junior classes to Stock Outboard. This class is very popular, so full fields make for terrific, exciting competition in the 50 to 55 MPH range. Age requirement is 14 years.

The 20 Super Stock Hydro (20SSH) class attracted 38 racers in 2019, pushing for National titles and High Points. Jump in, squeeze the throttle and GO! This is a fun and highly competitive class, all around great for rookies and those new to the sport! Age requirement is 15 years.

C Stock Runabout (CSR) is a popular class in the 55 to 65 MPH range. If you have a CSR, east or west, you will always be able to find a race. Hitting the start, beating everyone else to the turns, and battling rough water are all required skills. It just becomes more fun the more you race. Age requirement is 16 years.

C Stock Hydro, or CSH, is one of APBA's biggest classes. Fast and fun, CSH gets up to 60 to 70 MPH in full fields of very determined racers. Double your fun: cross over to the PRO OSY-400 class for more water time on a weekend. CSH is where many racers keep honing their skills. The challenge never ends. Age requirement is 16 years.

D Stock Hydro (DSH) is Stock Outboard's biggest, most powerful Hydro class. This is heavy-duty racing for experienced competitors. Big boats, big engines, faster speed (70 to 89 MPH) mean you have to know your way around and be able to handle a lot of power. Age requirement is 18 years.

302 Superstock Hydro is the fastest growing class in the APBA. It uses some of the same engines as CSH; but the engines are sealed, and propellers are drawn at larges before each heat. Very popular class with tight competition. Age requirement is 14 years.

Can I get up close to the boats?

Yes! You must wear close toed shoes to get near the boats.

Can I buy tickets at the gate?

Yes tickets can be purchased at the gate.

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