Frequently asked questions

What kind of fish are in the lake?

We are most well known for our largemouth bass, but you may also catch crappie, bluegill, sunfish, flathead and channel catfish, tilapia, and carp.

Is the lake catch and release?

Yes, the lake is catch and release for all bass, crappie, and bluegill. You may, however, keep any catfish, carp, tilapia that you catch.

What does a primitive boat launch mean?

Our boat launch is currently gravel, but if you have a four wheel drive vehicle you shouldn't have any problems launching your boat. Some two wheel drive vehicles may have difficulty, but we have are happy to assist you if you encounter a problem.

Do you have facilities?

We currently have porta-potties and are working towards flushing toilet facilites.

I came up to the gate and it was locked, how do I get in?

Our property gates remain locked at all times. If we our website says we are open for fishing you when you arrive at the gates, please dial 623-777-5814 Extension 0, and we will come up and let you in. If it doesn't say we are open for fishing we are not open.

Can we use a gas powered boat on the lake?

Yes gas powered motors are allowed, however, fueling any vehicle on the property is strictly prohibited.

How many boats do you allow on the lake?

We currently only allow 8 boats on the water at any given time. However, if several of the boats on the water are kayaks or manually powered, we may increase the total number slightly. If you are planning to bring a boat, we strongly recommend that you have a reservation as we have been turning away boats on the weekends.

Can we swim in the lake?

Unfortunately, we currently do not allow swiming in the lake.

Can we bring shade?

By all means, bring your own shade! While we are working on various shade options, we strongly suggest bringing some form of sun protection.

Can we bring in a picnic?

Absolutely! We hope to be offering food and beverage service in the near future.

Do you have a grill available?

We have a 5 burner propane grill that we rent for $15.

What types of boats do you rent?

We currently offer 3 Jon Boats, kayaks, peddleboats and stand-up paddleboards.

Do I need a fishing license to fish here?

We recommend that you aquire an Arizona Fishing license however, we are a private lake and do not require it at this time. Arizona Fish & Game does work a lot with our lake and we want to support them as much as we can. We will require a license in the future as our facilities grow.